In NZ there is no exact answer to the question, without knowing the clients requirements. We first consult face to face with a client to determine all the facts to give a tailor made website design quote.

Average Web Design Cost in NZ:

The average cost of websites in NZ is $1,000 – $10,000+ for a custom website built by a professional website design company.

The things that will affect the cost include the amount of pages, special functionality and custom graphic designed content. Many start up companies need logos which will increase the cost if branding and web design is needed.

What are the main web design elements making up the cost

There are a few main elements of website design that influence the cost.

  1. Web Hosting, Domain and Software setup – the installation of your websites software on a secure virtual server, installing an SSL certificate, securing a domain name and setting up email accounts on the domain
  2. Website Design Responsive Layout – this part of the process involves designing the layout of the website that works on all devices. This involves looking at the navigation on work stations, tablets and mobile phones, to ensure the best user experience is as good as possible.
  3. Objective functionality to meet business requirements – this is where a website designer works on the core functionality you need. This can be eCommerce, booking or any specific coding that achieves an action.
  4. Text and Image creation – this involves copywriting  purchasing stock images or getting a professional photographer finalising with graphic design services.
  5. Ongoing Support and maintenance – a website is never fully finished as it requires ongoing software updates and security patching. This prevents hackers from hacking your site and your site working on the latest browsers.

Professional Website Design Services in NZ

The main reason for getting a professionally designed is it will look up market and function according to your requirements.