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 What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the work necessary to get a website to receive traffic from search engines based on specific key words searched for by your clients. For instance, a website selling skin care products would want to appear as the first search result whenever a potential customer searches for the phrase “skin care products”. At idDesign we are experts with experience in generating traffic from search engines to your website, using effective strategies and code development.

SEO Strategy

An organic search engine optimization (SEO) ranking is a very effective way to rank highly in the search engines with lasting results. It helps to increase targeted website visitors and maximises your return on investment. idDesign is confident in our service that we are leading the industry by offering a 1st page Google with many customers.

Without a good SEO strategy, your time and financial investments in your web marketing will never realize their return on investment. As we speak, your competitors are optimizing their websites in order to gain an edge in your industry. That’s because online marketing is succesful with correct SEO practices. It’s not just about how you set up your shop, it’s about how well you develop your online SEO.

More and more Auckland businesses are moving to the web. Already, Kiwis are spending more time online than watching television. Even your television is going on-line!

There were 3,810,144 internet users in New Zealand (representing 88% of the population) at mid-year 2012, according to Internet World Stats while represented 85.86% of the New Zealand search market. Conservative estimates now place daily global search queries at well beyond one billion in number, and 81 percent of those web surfers are using the Internet to make their buying decisions. And these numbers are growing!

Actual Stats from SEO


Email Marketing

Email marketing is a easy way to drive traffic to your website, display your latest products or deals and keep in touch with your customers through a measurable tool. idDesign email software makes communication rapid with email newsletters to your targeted market.


Social Media Marketing


Selling Online


E-commerce business more relevant

If you have ever dreamt of starting an online business or if you have a business idea, contact idDesign to help you develop an online store. More and more people are shopping online, whether it’s ordering groceries, buying goods on Trade Me or booking for a travel vacation. New Zealand consumers now shop using computers and mobile devices anywhere and any time.

What kinds of businesses need e-commerce?

Everyday, someone is searching for products online. An e-commerce  website means they can purchase any time. Online shopping is filtering to all types of products and services. All brands, retailers and small business owners are moving sales through the internet. You should become part of this great opportunity. We can help you get there.

Many of our customers aren’t sure  how to go about getting started on a new  business website. idDesign will simply explain the web design process without complicated programming jargon. Each customer will have their own vision of what they want from their website. It’s our job to translate that vision onto the internet and make it a business tool. idDesign will guide you through the development process with ease, registering a domain name for you, setting up email accounts and building your website. idDesign will also provide;

  • Branding and Logo Design
  • Web Hosting
  • Website Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
Getting Ahead of your Competitors

The first step on the path to online success is to have a website that has a good look and feel and suits your target audience. The second step is to ensure that your website is designed to enhance your business. The following business objectives apply:

  • Qualified customers
  • Online e-commerce sales activity
  • Portray the correct branding messages

A key attribute of a website: it must be simple to navigate and easy to use.

Websites that work, web icon

  • idDesign will ensure that your site works well with the latest web browsers.
  • idDesign can structure email marketing, online booking and any other features to help your business.
  • idDesign will ensure that a basic search engine optimization (SEO) is done on all websites and offer advanced SEO services as well.
  • idDesign offers content managed services.

 Auckland Web Hosting and Domain Names

idDesign offers hosting their website: email management, domain registration and management. We can offer affordable website hosting starting at $15.00 a month.cgi, domain, email, hosting, mysql, perl, php, phpmyadmin icon Security

  • Firewall: delivering control over access to your systems.
  • Intrusion detection: to monitor and repel attacks against your systems.
  • Content scanning: scans incoming and outgoing files for harmful content.
  • Monitoring: to provide reporting across the whole security environment.
Domain Names
  • We can register domain names
  • Manage domain names
  • Transfer domain names

Your idDesign website is designed to enhance your businessfolders, web icon

We’re passionate about using online media to attract new customers to your business, build revenue and streamline operations. When we build your website, it will be completely planned. It will integrate with your broader goals and strategies. We would  become part of your business growth.

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